This present and the next issue of Journal of Borneo-Kalimantan’s theme is mobility of and on the island of Borneo. The theme reflects a perspective commonly used to identify and offer insights into patterns of transformation and social change amongst the societies of Borneo-Kalimantan. As a theme, it addresses movements and circulation of people, cultures, goods, language, images, information, labour, objects, organism and ideas across the island. Volume 6, Issue 2 (2020) presents articles that provide analysis of some of the crucial aspects of mobility that reflect societal experiences, social structures, organizations and transformations at different levels in Borneo-Kalimantan.

We wish to express our gratitude for the permission granted by Dr Pierre Le Roux of Institut d’ethnologie, Universite de Strasbourg for Journal of Borneo-Kalimantan to republish in a Malay translation the original chapter cited as Sellato, B. (1993). “Salt in Borneo.” In P. le Roux and J. Ivanoff (Eds.), Le Sel de la vie en Asie du Sud-Est. Prince of Songkla University. Thank you.

To all readers, Happy Reading and Happy New Year 2021!


Dr Poline Bala
Associate Professor
Chief Editor, Journal of Borneo Kalimantan

Published: 2020-12-30