Attachment Styles and Relationship Quality among Young Couples

  • Fatahyah Yahya
  • Jocelyn Ng Xiao Huix
  • Nor Mazlina Ghazali
  • Azzahrah Anuar
  • Aina Razlin Mohammad Roose
  • Mohamad Azhari Abu Bakar


This research was aimed to study the relationship between attachment style and relationship quality among young couples. A correlational research design was adopted to answer the objectives of this study. A total of 257 students of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), Sarawak participated in this study. Two types of questionnaire were used in this study; the Experience in Close Relationship (ECR) to measure the attachment styles, and Couples Satisfaction Index (CSI) to measure the relationship satisfaction of the couples. The results showed that there was a significant relationship between attachment style and relationship quality among the young couples in UNIMAS. Attachment avoidance and attachment anxiety had a significant effect on the relationship quality of the young couples. It is suggested for future studies to consider selecting the samples by using simple random sampling as the targeted population would be able to represent the whole population and the result would be more accurate.

Keywords: Attachment avoidance; attachment anxiety


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