Forecasting Trip Generation For High Density Residential Zones of Akure, Nigeria: Comparability of Artificial Neural Network And Regression Models

  • J. E. Etu Department of Civil Engineering, Federal University of Technology, PMB 704, Akure Ondo State, Nigeria
  • O. J. Oyedepo Department of Civil Engineering, Federal University of Technology, PMB 704, Akure Ondo State, Nigeria
Keywords: home based trip, artificial neural network, radial basis function, regression, trip generation


Evidence from literature has shown the absence of the use of Artificial Neural Network techniques in formulating trip generation forecasts in Nigeria, rather the practice has consisted more on use of regression techniques. Therefore, in this study, the accuracy of Radial Basis Function Neural Network (RBFNN) and Multiple Linear Regression model (MLR) in formulating home-based trips generation forecasts was assessed. Datasets for the study were acquired from a household travel survey in the high density zones of Akure, Nigeria and were analysed using SPSS 22 statistical software. Results of data analysis showed that the RBFNN model with higher Coefficient of Determination (R2) value of 0.913 and lower Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) of 0.421 performed better than the MLR with lower R2 value of 0.552 and higher MAPE of 0.810 in predicting the number of home-based trips generated in the study area. The study demonstrated the higher accuracy of the RBFNN in producing trip generation forecasts in the study area and is consequently recommended for researchers in executing such forecasts.


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