Characteristics of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete With Recycled Coarse Aggregate

  • Mustaqqim Abdul Rahim
  • Omi Yanti Pohan
  • Mohd Badrul Hisyam Ab Manaf
  • Ahmad Nur Aizat Ahmad
  • Shahiron Shahidan
  • Zuhayr Md. Ghazaly
  • Nor Faizah Bawadi
  • Shamilah Anudai Anuar
  • Zulkarnain Hassan
  • Zul-Atfi Ismail
  • Teoh Jun Hong


Steel is one of the fibers used in fiber reinforced concrete technology. Steel fibers in concrete help to improve flexural  strength and  crack  resistance. Today,  there  are  critical  shortages of  natural  resources. In  this  research,  waste concrete is being used to produce recycled aggregate. The Recycled Coarse Aggregate (RCA) is partially replaced with the natural coarse aggregate (NCA) in concrete to analyze the mechanical properties of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC). Several tests were conducted, such as compression and flexural tests. Five batches (A, B, C, D and E) of concrete cube and prism samples with different proportions of RCA (0%, 25%, 50%, 75% & 100%) and 1.5% volume fraction of steel fiber were tested, together with one control sample which used 100% NCA and 0% volume fraction of steel fiber. As a result, the control sample achieved 27.32 MPa in compression strength and 0.90 MPa for flexural strength while batch A managed to achieve 48.60 MPa and 1.10  MPa respectively. The cube and prism samples of all batches (A, B, C, D, E) showed decreasing compressive and flexural strength with increasing proportion of RCA in the concrete. Four samples fully achieved more than 20 MPa of compression strength and optimum flexural strength.


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Rahim, M. A., Pohan, O. Y., Ab Manaf, M. B. H., Ahmad, A. N. A., Shahidan, S., Md. Ghazaly, Z., Bawadi, N. F., Anudai Anuar, S., Hassan, Z., Ismail, Z.-A., & Hong, T. J. (2018). Characteristics of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete With Recycled Coarse Aggregate. Journal of Civil Engineering, Science and Technology, 9(2), Paper 1.