Seismic Performance of Damper Installed In High-Rise Steel Building In Bangladesh

  • T. Tabassum
  • K.S. Ahmed


This research paper describes the results of analysis of the seismic behavior of a thirty story steel building with and without damper under different earthquake acceleration signals. The proposed procedure placed the various types of damper like friction damper, bilinear damper and exponential damper on the top three floors of the building. The study compares the different performances such as the joint displacement, joint acceleration, the base force of structure with and without damper for a thirty-story steel building using ETAB2015. The study further performs time history analysis for different seismic accelerograms to observe the actual time domain responses of the structure. Linear time-history analysis on this steel building structure indicates that maximum displacement, maximum base force, and maximum acceleration effectively reduce in the presence of damper at top three floors of the building.


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