Performance of Profiled Steel Sheet Dry Board System Under Flexural Bending and Vibration

  • Ehsan Ahmed
  • Ghazali Ahmad


This paper describe the experimental performance of Profiled Steel Sheet Dry Board system (PSSDB) against out-of plane bending and vibration. The PSSDB panel consists of plywood attached to the top surface of profiled steel sheet by self-drilling and self-tapping screws. Profiled steel sheet dry board panel has been used successfully as flooring system in few construction projects within Malaysia. As a lightweight flooring system, human induced vibration is becoming increasingly vital serviceability and safety issues for such panel when it is covering relatively longer span or area. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the factors affecting the structural performance and also to consider the effects of vibration in building such flooring system. This paper will focus on theoretical and experimental procedures to determine the overall performance of PSSDB system due to flexural bending and vibration. Each parameter that effect the perfonnance of PSSDB system against vibration and flexural will be discussed in this paper. It is found that PSSDB panel with a practical span length have a natural frequency well above of 8Hz and hence, considered comfortable to the occupants of building in teens of vibration.


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