The 2S2P1D: An Excellent Linear Viscoelastic Model

  • Md. Yusoff
  • N. I. Monieur D.
  • Airey G. D.


An experimental campaign has been carried out on five different unaged and five aged penetration grade bitumens to determine the properties of the 2S2P1D (combinations of two springs, two parabolic elements and one dashpot) model. The dynamic oscillatory test was conducted in order to obtain the rheological data using the dynamic shear rheometer (DSR). Earlier, the samples were aged following the Rolling Thin Film Oven Test (RTOFT) test procedure. It was found that the 2S2P1D model which consists of seven parameters simulates in an excellent way the linear viscoelastic properties of aged and unaged penetration grade bitumens over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies. The goodness of fit statistical analysis showed that the model had a good correlation and comparable to the measured dynamic data.


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