Geotechnical Properties of Fly Ash and its Application on Soft Soil Stabilization

  • Emilliani Anak Geliga
  • Dygku Salma Awg Ismail


Soil stabilization has become the major issue in construction engineering and the researches regarding the effectiveness of using industrial wastes as a stabilizer are rapidly increasing. This paper briefly describes the suitability of the local fly ash to be used in the local construction industry in a way to minimize the amount of waste to be disposed to the environment causing environmental pollution. Several civil engineering laboratory tests are conducted to study the geotechnical properties of fly ash and strength gain when mixed with local clay sample. A different proportion of fly ash and soil sample cured for 7 days results in a strength gain. A better understanding of the properties of fly ash is gained from the study and the tests indicates an improved strength and better properties of soft soil sample when stabilized.


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