An Investigation of Sibu Express Boat Passenger Terminal Transportation risks

  • Lau J. S. S.
  • Chan R. A. B.


River transportation is essential in Sarawak as the roads are found difficult to be constructed due to difficult terrains, high construction cost for bridges and long construction period. Due to inaccessibility via road, river transportation is the only mean of transportation to rural area and the demand is increasing. On the other hand, the demands are also directly proportional to the occurrence of hazards or risks. Risk identification is a key step in risk management. This paper uses Sibu Express Boat Terminal as a background study and 5 points Likert score is used to rate likelihood and consequences for 36 risk factors. Risk ranking, Spearman rank correlation and sensitivity analysis were then applied for statistical data analyses. From the study, financial related risks ranked the highest and the policy and political risks ranked the lowest. Besides, the Spearman rank correlation method shows there is a relationship between likelihood and risk level. Likewise, there is a relationship between consequences and risk level as well. Results suggested that further research is required by increasing numbers of risk factors, risk groups as well as respondents.


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