Study of Soil Erosian at a Site near Chemical Engineering Laboratory in UNIMAS

  • Fizzahutiah Taha
  • Shenbaga R. Kaniraj


Soil erosion is one of the problems of environmental concern. Natural causes such as rainfall and human development activities are the two main factors that can cause soil erosion. In order to control soil erosion, especially in urban areas, the bare soil surface needs to be covered by plants as much as possible. Re-vegetation, the best permanent erosion control measure, might take time to be complete. Therefore, some suitable temporary measures should be applied to minimize the amount of soil loss. Topographical features and climate are among the factors that determine the amount of soil erosion. In order to control the rate of erosion, it is important to estimate the amount of soil loss. Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) is one of the approaches to estimate the rate of soil loss. In this study, the topographical features of a site prone to erosion within University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), were investigated by field survey. Laboratory experiments were carried out on soil samples collected from the site. The

parameters for use in USLE were evaluated. The soil loss at the site in 2011 was estimated as 52.85 t ha-1 and the soil erosion risk at

the site was categorized as moderately high.



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