Physico-Mechanical, Morphological Properties of Polyvinyl Alcohol/Palm Kernel Shell/Coconut Kernel Shell Elastomeric Polymer Nanocomposites

  • Josephine Chang Hui Lai Department of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Kota Samarahan, Malaysia
  • Nor Liyana Yusof Department of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Kota Samarahan, Malaysia
Keywords: Elastomeric polymer nanocomposites (EPNCs), polyvinyl alcohol, palm kernel shell, coconut kernel shell.


In this study, the physico-mechanical and morphological properties of polyvinyl alcohol/palm kernel shell/coconut kernel shell elastomeric polymer nanocomposites (PVA/PKS/CKS EPNCs) were investigated. PVA/PKS/CKS EPNCs were prepared via solution casting method and the properties of the elastomeric polymer nanocomposites were characterized through Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), tensile testing and moisture absorption test. Test results showed that increasing the PVA content increased the mechanical properties of elastomeric polymer nanocomposites as well as provided better surface morphology. However, beyond certain percentage of PVA content, the moisture absorption increased too. Therefore, 55wt% of PVA/PKS/CKS EPNCs was chosen as the best elastomeric polymer nanocomposites as it had the best overall properties from the aspect of physico-mechanical, morphological and moisture absorption.


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Lai, J. C. H., & Yusof, N. L. (2018). Physico-Mechanical, Morphological Properties of Polyvinyl Alcohol/Palm Kernel Shell/Coconut Kernel Shell Elastomeric Polymer Nanocomposites. Journal of Applied Science & Process Engineering, 5(2), 296-303.