Setting Hover, Roll, Yaw Pitch And Altitude Tricopter Using Arduino Multiwii

Keywords: Tricopter, Multiwii, Sensor, Roll, Pitch, Yaw.


The development and advancement of drone technology will be a trend now and in the future, it will have an important role as a material for mapping and aerial photography.  with the use of Aeromodelling is a miniature model of an airplane, in which there are many types of aeromodelling, one of which is a tricopter, which is a drone driven by three motors that can be controlled by remote control using a remote control and has a Y-shaped frame. Many Drones are sold with easy-to-operate use but what if we assemble drones will be a lot of constraints because of many hardware and software settings in the manufacture of drones and this becomes a challenge in itself therefore This research specializes in hardware settings using software applications Multiwii Configuration Tools to set PID values for hover, roll, yaw pitch, and altitude values. So the Tricoptrer can go up and down, flight stability, and turn left and right movements. The conclusion of this research Tricopter can fly and move well following the desire to control the movement of tricoppter using a remote controller. The best tricopter flying navigation setting values obtained for Roll are P = 5.9, I = 0.003, D = 16. Pitch is P = 5.7, I = 0.003, D = 17. Yaw is P = 6.8, I = 0.045, D = 7 the height is P = 6.4, I = 0.025, D = 13.


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