Designing and Analysis of the TCA Parameters of a Bevel Gear Having Circular Tooth Direction in the Function of the Moment

Keywords: Gleason, moment, bevel gear, TCA, CAD


The aim of this publication is the designing and the CAD modelling of the Gleason – type bevel gear pair and the analysis of the connecting teeth in case of different load moments. The main properties of this gear pair are the changing whole depth along the face width and the circular tooth direction which is created by a complicated cutting tool. Cutting edges are situated along the perimeter of the middle circle by equal circular pitches on the cutting tool. After the creation of the CAD model, which could be created by numerical way, TCA could be done in the function of the moment changing. The normal stress, normal elastic strain and normal deformation will be analyzed on the surface of the driven gear perpendicularly for the tooth surface. Knowing of the results correlations will be visualized based on the TCA results and the load moments. The behavior of the contact teeth will be analyzed.


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