Product Packaging: Impact on Customers’ Purchase Intention

  • Sook-Fern Yeo Multimedia University
  • Cheng-Ling Tan Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Kah-Boon Lim Multimedia University
  • Yong-Hwi Khoo Multimedia University


This research aims to investigate the impact of packaging on customers’ purchase intention in Malaysia. Many studies show that the outward appearance of a product’s package will appeal and consumers’ attention towards the products displayed in the open market. Since the consumers’ choice is the primary consideration that marketers emphasize on, packaging has become an important tool for sales promotion by most business organizations. Although a large number of factors can impact customers’ purchase intention, a product’s packaging is the most influential. Therefore, this research looked into the extent of how packaging has influenced the purchase intention of customers. Findings from the study show that three hypotheses out of four were supported which lend support to the vital role that packaging plays in creating appeal and influencing customers’ purchase intention. The conclusion of this study provides the theoretical implications and practical implications as well as suggestions for future studies in different industries.

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Sook-Fern Yeo, Cheng-Ling Tan, Kah-Boon Lim, & Yong-Hwi Khoo. (2020). Product Packaging: Impact on Customers’ Purchase Intention. International Journal of Business and Society, 21(2), 857-864.