The Effect of Acculturation Attitude on Second-Hand Clothes Purchases

  • Halimin Herjanto University of The Incarnate Word
  • Heris Hendriana IKIP Siliwangi Bandung


Traditionally, second-hand clothes (SHC) are viewed as non-valuable items that exclusively belong to the lower social class. Today, SHC have become a new global fashion trend and a new business phenomenon. This study explores the effect of acculturation attitudes on SHC adoption intention and behavior. The survey outcomes from 300 Indonesian respondents show that proactive and reactive attitudes affect SHC adoption intention and behavior differently. In addition, intention is found to significantly affect SHC buying behavior. In this article, we discuss these findings and implications. The findings of this study are important because the SHC phenomenon is increasing significantly and SHC are predicted to become even more popular in the years to come.

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Halimin Herjanto, & Heris Hendriana. (2020). The Effect of Acculturation Attitude on Second-Hand Clothes Purchases. International Journal of Business and Society, 21(2), 540-552.