The Role of National Food Security in a Massive Pandemic: The Case of Covid-19

  • Mario Arturo Ruiz Estrada University of Malaya
Keywords: Pandemics, Food security, economic development, COVID-19


This paper proposes the national pandemics contingency plan for any country based on the application of the minimum food, water & medication storage for a massive pandemic quota (ψ-Quota). Consequently, the main objective of the ψ-Quota is to calculate the approximate amount of food, water, and medicines storage amount annually in case of a possible massive pandemic crisis. Finally, this paper is divided into three sections: (i) the minimum food, water, and medicine quota storage calculation in case of a massive pandemic; (ii) the food, water, and medicine storage quota for a massive pandemic; (iii) the geographical distribution and mapping of the emergency aid supplier’s modules in case of a massive pandemic for any country. Finally, the ψ-Quota was applied on the case of Malaysia.


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