The Influence Of Financial Literacy Towards Risk Tolerance

  • Hui-Nee Au Yong Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • Kock-Lim Tan Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman


The importance of financial literacy in promoting good financial behaviour has been established in Malaysia. Nonetheless, a study that specifically analyses youth is still needed. This study focuses on Malaysian youths’ financial literacy and financial behaviour. It is alsoexpected that financial behaviour and financial literacy significantly among those from different parental, gender and income backgrounds. A quantitative approach was adopted, utilising questionnaire survey as the research instrument. The male respondentswere more financially literate. Findingsindicated that parent backgrounds, predicted students’ financial behaviour. This study provides valueable results reflecting parental influence had a significant influence on financial behaviour. This study suggests awareness programmes to enhance the general financial literacy especially among youths.

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Hui-Nee Au Yong, & Kock-Lim Tan. (2017). The Influence Of Financial Literacy Towards Risk Tolerance. International Journal of Business and Society, 18(3), 469-484.