• Ahmad Azaini Abdul Manaf Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
  • Fytullah Hamzah Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
  • Azwan Abidin Universiti Malaysia Sarawak


Self-employment and self-entrepreneurship activities among graduates in local and global economic trends lead to the birth of small scale animation studios. Government funding and business exposure in higher learning institutions are driving the young workforce to establish their own company rather than working for others. The current generations of graduates are very much in favor of entrepreneurship and begin to break away from the notion of stability in conventional professions due to the lack of flexible work-life balance and office benefits. Company ownership and financial freedom self-management remain the most recent phenomena in today's graduates. The idea of maintaining self-expression and control of the personal intellectual property is driving the young animator to venture into a small scale studio setup (4S).

Author Biography

Fytullah Hamzah, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

FYTHULLAH HAMZAH Established in the local industries as a comic artist back in the 1999. Founder of the UrbanComics magazine, and one of the digital masters in the local scene. In 2006 he lead the KLP comic department, an international comics publishing house. His involvement in animation locally started in 2007 with the Ibn Battuta (trailer) project, and internationally with the Saladin TV series and Rip Smart projects (Hawaiian based project). Countless contribution in comics scene lead to his involvement in the film industries asthe concept artist for Merong Mahawangsa,Vikingdom andLuncai.
His involvement in business arena started at 2011 when he setup Kromosomlab. KromosomLab currently is housing a team of creative artists and digital illustrators whom the skills ranging from writers to digital fine artists, as well as storyboarders. Character and content development is the main business in the past few years, and most of the projects developedbythem areinvolving characterbased andIPbased.