Exploring 3D Playblast-To-2D Animation Rotoscoping Techniques

Keywords: animation, 2D animation, 3D playblast, Rotoscope, Adobe Animate CC, Toon Boom Harmony


Rotoscoping can produce believable 2D animation and movements when the process is done correctly. However, not all live-action footage can be easily rotoscoped due to scenes or fictional designs that are impossible to shoot. To overcome this technical challenge, 3D playblast can be used as footage for an alternative source for rotoscoping. This research aims to explore and evaluate two rotoscoping techniques of transforming 3D playblast into 2D animation. Two different animation software (Adobe Animate CC and Toon Boom Harmony) were used to explore those rotoscoping techniques. The method began by designing a storyboard with dynamic camera angles. Then, animated 3D models were developed based on the storyboard as footage for rotoscoping. Then, those animated 3D models were rotoscoped frame by frame using ‘Toon Boon Harmony’ and ‘Adobe Animated CC’. The rotoscope outputs were evaluated for their effectiveness and weaknesses. Findings show that rotoscoping frame by frame is viable for both software with some nuances. Nevertheless, the proposed rotoscope techniques can maintain consistency between each frame without losing the proportion of anatomy and style when animating in an extreme and distorted scene.


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