Fish Diversity in Keshalia River, Morang District, Eastern Nepal



Nepal has unique fish diversity comprising hill stream fishes, migratory fishes and other cold water fishes including Tor putitora and Brachidanio (Danio) rerio. Keshalia river is one of the major rivers of eastern Nepal. It originates from Mahabharat mountain and flows down on the border between Morang and Sunsari district. Fishes of the river were collected using cast nets from October 2017 to September 2018 and the collected fishes were preserved in 70% alcohol with head facing downward. The present paper deals with a synopsis of 55 fish species under 41 genera belonging of 18 families of 6 orders. Lepidocephalus guntea, Sisor rhabdophorus, Tetraodon cutcutia, Acanthocobotis botia, Gagata cenia, Hara hara, Bagarius bagarius and Clupisoma garua are some notable Ichthyofauna of the river. The conservation status of important fishes like Acanthocobotis botia was found to be data deficient, Gagata cenia & Hara hara were found to be rare and Chagunius chagunio was vulnerable.


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