Length-weight Relationships and Condition Factor of Three Species of Mullet (Mugilidae) in the New Calabar River



This study was conducted to estimate the length-weight relationship and condition factor of mullets (Mugilidae) in the New Calabar River, Nigeria. The fish samples were collected monthly from the local fishermen landings between February and July 2018. A total of 578 individuals were collected that belong to three species (Neochelon falcipinnis Valenciennes, 1836, Parachelon grandisquamis Valenciennes, 1836 and Mugil cephalus, Linnaeus, 1758) of the family Mugilidae. The total length mean values were found to be 16.26±2.41cm (N. falcipinnis), 19.95±4.73 cm (P. grandisquamis) and 16.11±2.44 cm (M. cephalus). The mean wet weight values were 39.53±22.16 g (N. falcipinnis), 81.54±76.94 g (P. grandisquamis) and 38.43±21.12 g (M. cephalus). N. falcipinnis, P. grandisquamis and M. cephalus exhibited isometric, negative allometric and isometric growth pattern with “b” values of 3.0, 2.895 and 2.964, respectively. The condition factors of all the three species ranged from 0.30-1.73 indicating that the three species were in good state.


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